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Surface Decoration Reimagined

XPS is a technology based company that develops advanced material concepts and solution based process and product innovations, which offer new and exciting commercial opportunities to a number of different surface decoration markets. These markets, although diversely different, are synergistic in that they are all able to reimagine their own products advancing by applying our unique surface decoration techniques.

Xtreme Performance Solutions are our Product Deliverables

Digital Printing is our Mandate

Uncompromising Aesthetics is our Directive

Incremental and Radical Innovations are our Drivers

Complete Customer Satisfaction is our Primary Goal


The name XPS Polymers, emanated from the descriptive name that drives each one of its unique digital surface decoration process and product offerings, the result being ‘Xtreme Performance Solutions’. With an armory of ground breaking Intellectual Property backed by 'granted' and 'in process' patents, XPS, although classed as a development stage company, has a technological foundation that would be the envy of many established companies. The notion of unlimited market appeal is something that very few technologies have, but XPS can count itself as one of them.


This armory is not just one type of polymeric film that a surface can be decorated with. It is a surface and product decoration phenomena that delivers state of the art polymer technology to any surface that can be decorated, and it is a solution provider for surface decoration markets that are either going through change, or who are desperately trying to find innovative new solutions to distinguish their products from the competition.

XPS Grey BKD5.png
XPS Grey BKD5.png


XPS Polymers is a technology based company that has been derived from a fusion of advanced polymer science and solution based product and process technologies. These innovations, which span three decades, have been combined to yield a comprehensive portfolio of surface decoration films, which have features and benefits derived from their unique functionality.

These patented and in process patent innovations are hugely significant to the future of 'functional surface decoration' and offer new levels of performance and the potential to use disruptive pricing and effective supply chain strategies.


XPS innovations enable new levels of efficiency and control over the surface decoration process and offer new paradigms in advanced functional surface decoration materials, processes, and systems design. XPS's commitment and passion for innovation in the field of surface decoration has resulted in the development of three unique surface decoration technologies that are specifically targeted towards The Arts, Ceramic Tile, and Footwear markets.

XPS Grey BKD5.png
XPS Grey BKD5.png

Market Solutions

XPS's primary market focus is to satisfy a broad based need for our patent protected multi-functional digital surface decoration film technologies, which are supported by a variety of vertically oriented product offerings. This enables us to be a turn-key solution provider, tailoring our products to meet exacting customer requirements for different applications and markets. Each of XPS's surface decoration solutions are based on market diversity with a commonality of product offering directed to each individual customer's needs. 

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RevealX (Reveal Art) was originally developed as a new method to emulate an oil painted original, for sale into the Art & Crafts market. However, during two years of constant development and essential market testing as well as customer feedback, it has transformed into so much more. Now, it not only brings with it all the tools of an artist, but extends its reach into any market that can find benefit from incorporating RevealX into its product offering. 

Matrixlok Logo.png

MatriXlok is a patented surface decoration technology designed primarily for the digital surface decoration of Ceramic Tiles. The process uses a special multilayer polymeric construction with special absorbing characteristics, which enables several different layers to chemically combine under controlled conditions of heat and positive force load. This results in a custom decorated tile that meets and/or exceeds Ceramic Tile industry testing standards.

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Shoe Wrapz is the direct result of preparing, printing, and precision wrapping a pair of shoes. It is done in a way that combines the skill and dexterity of an artisan with the sophistication of XPS digital surface decoration technology. Shoe Wrapz offers not only the most stunning custom imagery ever to be produced on a pair of shoes, but also the highest possible performance guarantee, whatever the end use might be.

XPS Grey BKD5.png


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