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REVEALX (Reveal Art) was originally developed as a new method to emulate an oil painted original, available for sale into the Art and Crafts market, However, during two years of constant development, essential market testing and customer feedback, it has transformed into so much more, and now not only brings with it all the tools of an artist, but extends its reach into any market that can find benefit from incorporating Reveal Art into its product offering, or that can use Reveal Art for the greater good, A great example of this is  the market opportunity in Art Therapy, a hybrid field influenced by the disciplines of art and psychology, where it has been found to be of great benefit to any individual facing emotional, psychological or physical challenges.

Hexagon Revealx lge .png

So what is REVEAL ART? In its most simplistic form, it enables anyone to create a beautiful oil painted work of art, even if they have never drawn a picture or held a paintbrush. The ‘Reveal’ itself is brought about by simply brushing oil over the surface of a previously hidden or ghosted image, which action causes the surface to become transparent and enables all the color of the underlying image to slowly Reveal itself, in a way that has not previously been seen or even thought of before now. 

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